With an increase in the number of mobile phone users, the market segment of mobile applications has also increased tenfold. Demand for mobile games has also increased proportionally and the mobile game applications are still growing everyday with which, Windows have become a major hit among the Smartphone users. The windows game development business, with its many dynamic features and intuitive user interface has been recognized as a popular choice amongst gamers. Ke-Shyam Technolab is a market leader in windows game development India which provides many gaming services and products. Our experienced windows games developers, with their hands on experience in windows mobile game development, excel at delivering game applications exactly as per clients’ needs.

Windows supports both 2D and 3D graphics, a provides a realistic, visualization that makes play games on windows phones an experience similar to playing games on Xbox or playstation. With extensive support for wireless communication services like Bluetooth, LANs / WANs, etc, windows platform expands the ways for communication for multi-player gaming support.The powerful APIs for 2D sound, MIDI, and Hardware audio mixer add audio support for your games when ran on Windows Mobile. Different modes of interaction supports are available with windows mobile.

)) Why hire windows game programmers from Ke-Shyam Technolab:

Ke-Shyam is an industry expert in game designing, because our game architects are well versed with the windows development technologies that are platform independent and can be easily ported onto other mobile platforms besides Windows. Ever since windows’ mobile devices’ emergence in the market, we have been a popular windows game developergiant. We have an excellent teamdedicated for windows application development which includes 2D / 3D animators, visualizers, graphic designers, .Net, Visual Studio programmers, and sound engineers to assure you one stop solutions for your gaming needs. Games developed at Ke-Shyam Technolab display an underlying performance rich code backed with mobile friendly layout, making users want to interact more and more with the gaming ecosystem that we create. We make use of high quality animation to create realistic Windows games that entertain the users. We lay special focus on UI/UX so that the mobile gamers get a truly amazing experience while playing the games on their Windows devices. As we clearly meet the expectations of the end users, we are a trusted choice of many customers for Windows game development services.

)) Few of our many gaming genres include:

 Educational games  Action / Adventure Games  Quizzes / puzzles  Entertaining and fun games  Sports games  Gambling games

If you are looking for reliable windows game development company to develop stunning Windows Games for you, feel free to call us and enquire.

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