At Ke-Shyam Technolab, we desire to boost client profit, aptitude and productivity while providing our employees with uncommon and fruitful opportunities. image19 (1)Each member of our team knows their various Responsibilities ; and each of them preserve the discipline needed to allow the delicacy of a business ecosystem. Our team has a immaculate understanding of the forum. We know where to look for opportunities and how to exploit them. At Ke-Shyam we've never mislaid a deadline and we precisely refuse to compromise our standards of the highest quality of work. Every player on our squad is capable -- hardened vet who demand the most of themselves and their teammates. The highly abundant reality of Information technology is becoming virtual. Data is moving at lightning speed and in order to endure, the contemporary business must work concentrated and it must work accurate in order to stay applicable within diligent-competitive markets. We are here to help you.

Cloud Server Based Services

Ke-Shyam Technolab focuses on improving businesses performance through the strategic integration of pure cloud-based business software. For over 3 years in the Net-Suite ecosystem, Ke-Shyam Technolab has helped the fastest growing companies successfully transition from on-premise solutions to Net-Suite. Ke-Shyam enables you to run your entire business on a single system. You can Connect your business across finance, sales, service and fulfillment with Net-Suite. With support for multiple subsidiaries, currencies and languages, We makes it simple to manage from all your locations. Net-suite has functionality for a broad range of industries including: Expand your business globally. It’s simple with Net-suite. You can manage multiple currencies and financial reporting across subsidiaries. Net-suite is a pure cloud-based system making it easy for all subsidiaries to run on the same platform no matter where they are located.Financial management is key to any business. Net-suite is the world’s most Used cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution on the market. Over 26,000 businesses use Net-suite ERP to streamline their organization and bring visibility into every function. This is the ideal solution for whome looking for traditional accounting software and the ability to customize and provide functionality passing far beyond that of basic accounting systems. Run your entire business with pure cloud-based software.Retailers in the B2B or B2C space use Net-suite Suite Commerce to connect eCommerce and store-front with inventory, order management, business intelligence, CRM, marketing and financials. Drive innovative customer have experience of delivering what they want, when they need it and where they decide to make a purchase. A true channelize shopping and service experience can be achieved on a single cloud platform.

Marketing Solutions


Mobile App and Web App Testing

Aso (Appstore Optimization)

Kwo (Keyword Optimization)

Ao (Asset Optimization)

1. Structured asset optimization Structured asset optimization (SAO) analyze the key value System of the business by analyzing the whole value string of a process, from idea in the ground to the markets for products. Supported by the bench marking process, such Systems allow for the appraisal of the value at stake which can be unlocked through deliberate mediation. An integral aspect of the SAO programme, aligned with the 'One Anglo' philosophy, is the progress of systems and architecture which will allow for the swift cross-divisional sharing of identified excuse and best procedure.A number of symbolic value adding moments in this top-down process have been identified and are at various stages of deployment, from project interpretation to value delivery. Across the Group, improvements are being made in certain areas.2. Continuous improvement Continuous improvement (CI) focuses on the formation of value adding ideas from all heights within the Company, as well as finding new ways to do things Faster and more comfortably. CI applies to everything from operation to projects and is typically an facilitator for the SAO programme.The Group's employees have determined many CI opportunities. Whome already adding value to enterprise are in the fields of conveyor opportunity, employees management, system life and reagent addition leadership in all business units. All ideas, big and small, are classified for their value adding potential, and where value exists, are implemented. Work being attempted under each of the OA categories is adorned below by reference to definite projects.

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