Our development process includes scalable and profitable solutions to execute a streamlined project adhering to standards.

Requirement Analysis & Consulting

Requirement Analysis is a basis for any project with critical importance which mainly includes feasibility analysis with brainstorming of development ideas,and time and price estimates. The scope of the project is clearly outlined and measures to achieve it are decided.


Before any actual development starts, designing the UI is done, which defines the static flow of the project. And before any real designing is started, wireframing of the design prototype is done. Wireframes are simple monochromatic layout designs of each screen/page that are structured as per the web page size or the mobile device size.


Designing includes the process of working out the UI design by the development team and client together, correctly executing the project flow, and coming up with a creative design that helps in engaging users to the game or applications.


Development is the main, logical part of projects. The programming of project is modularized into sub tasks and the development team members are assigned each task as per need and the tasks are then integrated together to create the holistic project flow with all the business logic applied.For Mobile Application development, we create web-services that are, usually, an interface between the backend and the apps. These services are created for feeding data into the applications.

Usability Standards & Testing

After the project is developed, with all the business logic set, usability testing phase starts. This phase is a very important phase where testing from each module to the overall project flow is carried out, to check user acceptance testing as well as effective enjoyability and functioning of the project testing.When the project is ready it is sent to the Testing & QA Department where quality analyst tests it thoroughly for different errors by forming various test cases. Once the testing department and quality analyst gives a nod to the project, it goes to the next stage.


This is the final phase of project development. The application is set on user devices or it is made publicly available for use to all users; necessary database services are set up and settings are configured for smooth working of the project. This is the phase where we hand over the reign to the users, where the intended scope of the project is put to test.

Post Development Support

We at Ke-Shyam Technolab, believe in supporting our clients throughout. Thus we provide maintenance and support services at minimal costs and ensure timely response with guaranteed service levels.

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