Mobile applications have brought a revolution in market. There are different mobile operating systems in the market and the need of hour is to develop a code that is compatible with all the operating systems. That is where Cross platform development comes into the picture. Conventional system of mobile application development increased the work load of developers to a great extend. Initially, the mobile application development required doubled efforts on the same app. Thus, this led to a new concept of multi-platform app development. People all over the world are looking forward for an affordable solution that runs their android app in different mobile operating systems. Our team of mobile app developers are experienced in delivering cross platform apps that work on different platform like PhoneGap, HTML5, Xamarin etc.

Ke-Shyam is one of the leading mobile cross platform development companies that have successfully reduced the extra efforts of developing an application by its cross platformmobile application development. Our development team has improved the user experience through its knowledge and approach towards buildingcross platform mobile apps. Our development team designs the mobile applications in such a way that it easily integrates with native features of mobile. Nowadays, many clients are switching their businesses by developing cross platform mobile app for easy and fast performance of application.

)) On which platform do we work?

Cross platform app development is an effective way of saving both cost and money. Here are the services that we offer in cross platform apps:

)) Phonegap Mobile Application Development:

It is an open source framework of cross platform mobile app that allows an application to work like native mobile apps without browser frame. Phonegap is used among developers because it equips them with common codebase for app code. Developers don’t have to work towards moving from one platform to another. It makes the work easy for developers to develop the app in JavaScript, HTML and CSS as well as their coding is not confined to the boundaries of java. This advantage not only reduces the double efforts of developers but also fastens the app development process. > Sencha touch mobile app development: It is an MVC based JavaScript framework that gives high performance User Interface components for your mobile devices. It provides you with cross platform apps that work on Android, iOS, windows etc. The best thing about it is that it includes about 50 built in UI components that respond to actions of users like native apps. It has various packages that takes data from backend and helps to visualize data on your device.

)) Why to go for Cross platform mobile apps?

Enterprises are striving to save both cost and time and this need has been fulfilled by cross platform app development. It is an efficient way of multi-platform mobile app development that is compatible with different mobile operating systems. It is not difficult to understand the reason cross platform mobile apps is the favourite one. Here are top reasons for choosing cross platform apps:

  Saves time and money.   Involves less time and is faster than traditional method of developing mobile applications.   Supports multiple platforms.   Best User Interface   Enhances the way of developing mobile experience.   It uses coding languages that are preferred by large businesses

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