In the gamut of blackberry game development, Ke-Shyam Technolab is an offshore company having dexterous blackberry game development designers. The primary aim of our blackberry application development segment is to ensure maximum customer contentment, by rendering class one level of quality blackberry games. Keeping in mind that the maximum mass of blackberry is corporate people, our blackberry game development India,strives to offer games that have state-of-the-are user interface with easy and entertaining yet complex games that are usually in terms with the corporate blackberry market. Thus, we are that blackberry game development company, which fully comprehends the market segment of blackberry brand and produces & serves as per the suitability of this segment.

))Blackberry technologies that we use:

Depending on the type of game required, we use different development frameworks that serve the best for particular requirement.With blackberry supporting many open source libraries that include graphics and physics engines, collision detection, and audio processing, our innovation team of blackberry development comes up with the best technical solutions for our clients’ needs. Some of the libraries that we extensively use in our production are:

•  Cocos2d-X,A Lightweight And Powerful Cross-Platform Game Engine •  Gameplay, A Cross-Platform, 3D Native Gaming Framework. •  Box2D Gives You A Rigid Body, 2D Physics Engine. •  The Bullet Physics Library That Supports Collision Detection And Rigid Body Dynamics In A Single Easy-To-Use Library. •  Lua, An Embeddable Scripting Language For High-Performance Game Development. •  OggVorbis, A Popular Audio Encoding And Streaming Technology. •  SDL, A Multimedia Library That Provides Low-Level Access To Audio, 3-D Hardware, 2-D Video Framebuffers, And Peripheral Hardware.

Not only this, some of our services also include third party tools that bring a certain class to blackberry games. These tools include unity that creates high-quality 2D and 3D content and let you build projects for multiple platforms, including BlackBerry 10 , ShiVa3D, provider of tools to create 3D, real-time games for multiple platforms using a WYSIWYG editor, and Marmalade that provides a rich and unified development toolset. Gamepad is a game controller that is a popular input method for gaming, where users enjoy the feeling of control and tactile experience. We also excel at providing gamepad controller in our game designs using the Screen Graphics library.

))Hire us as your game development company:

With an exclusive team of blackberry game developers India, rarely found around here, we engage in development of games for extensive blackberry mobile platforms. Our accomplished game developers have an extensive knowledge of multiple programming languages, i.e. JavaScript and C#, supported by Native blackberry SDK. The types of games that our services include are board games, strategy games, arcade, and many more. We have a trained team of blackberry programmers, hire a blackberry game developer from our family and we will make sure that your needs are met with.

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