Ke-Shyam is a leading android game developer company with a track record of extensive list of android game application development projects. We have an experienced team of android game developers with hands-on experience in game development android. Thus, our team radically tends to our clients’ needs with ready solutions and designs. Our specialist android designers come up with the best prototypes to give clients a significant demo of our services. Thus hire android game developer from our family of experts and you will be attended with a concrete prototype for your game designing needs and help you to have a clear transparency of solutions.

A glance at ourandroid services and games

)) Services

  Designing 2D as well as 3D games   HD game development experience   Multi-player games support   Customized android game development   A full package of service, including testing and maintenance.

)) Games

  Racing & Action Android games   Cards & Casino games   Puzzle & Brain games   Sports game widgets   Board games   Adventurous & Storytelling games

)) Excellence in every project

  We believe in maintaining android’s unique features that make it so popular like flexibility, robustness, scalability, and security. Therefore all our projects adhere to these key features.

  Our veteran developers, with hands-on practice in android development, make it very easy to transit with the ever updating android technologies. Thus we cater the best services with cognitive ideas.

  Leader in providing realistic user-interface design and interactive, flexible, and cross-platform app development, Ke-Shyam Technologies is now a top provider in android game development India.

  Provider of excellent latest animations and audio-visuals (both 2D and 3D), we rule the world of virtualization.

  With cost effective solutions, we provide economical and quality projects that are rarely availed from the expensive development market.

  One of the unique services that we provide as android game developer is the integration of our game development projects with other platforms and multi-device support.

)) Our unique features

  Fully customized game development solutions   Cost effective and quality product/service delivery   Realistic game designing   Technical help and maintenance of projects   Client oriented, with a track record of 100% client-satisfaction ratio   Transparency regrading zero hidden cost   Maintenance of project progress workflow   Experienced android game developers with understanding of complex needs and ready, creative ideas for innovative client needs.

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