Refund and Cancellation

Human minds are complex.
They change our decisions and lay waste to our best made plans. It is normal and it is bound to happen sometimes. We understand that and therefore we find it necessary to have some contingency plans for just such a scenario. We have a refund and cancellation policy in place so that you can get a bit of freedom to change your minds.

We prepare a detailed agreement and send it to you before we start working on your project. You have to return the agreement to us after you finish reading it. It has to be signed by you. We ask for a deposit amount at the time of signing the agreement. This amount is non- refundable. However, do not worry! We give our best efforts and work enthusiastically and efficiently for your 100% satisfaction. We leave no stone unturned to give you the best product which is as per your specifications. All are clients have said only positive things about us. None of our clients have asked for a refund or cancellation till today and you may never have to ask for a refund or cancellation either.

In the rare chance of an apocalyptic event that you have to ask for a refund or cancellation, we follow a professional return and cancellation policy. We like to be transparent with our clients and our return and cancellation policy reflects that.

Refund Policy for Web Design, Web Development, CMS Development and App Development Services:
For Web Design, Web Development, CMS Development and App Design, We prepare a blueprint first. After the client’s approval, we go for actual development stage where we build working prototypes. Once you approve the blueprint, we will consider it to be final and no refund will be issued after that.
If you are not satisfied by the work that we present you, you can always ask for edits and you can tell us to redesign it. We are committed to give you satisfaction through the skills of our world class developers and we will work hard to make you happy.

Return Policy for SEO and Social Media Services:

You may well know that SEO and Social Media Services require our proactive participation every month. Once you pay the deposit and we begin Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Activities, no refund request will be entertained before the decided time frame to hand you the results. However the time frame to deliver your results will be decided as per mutual convenience.

Our Cancellation Policy:

Once you agree to allow us to begin our magic and pay the deposit, you cannot cancel the project work in between. Hope you will empathize with us and understand the value of the quality time we spend in research and development for your project.

Trust Us and Stay With Us! Let us weave our magic and we guarantee that you’ll be spellbound

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