In today’s fiercely competitive world
, keeping things private is very essential. We are happy that you agreed to share your private data with us and we understand the importance of maintaining the privacy and security of your data.
We never sin by selling or trading the data that we collect from you to any companies, third parties or any type of organizations. We give the commitment of 100% data protection.
We need the following types of data from you to run and improve our website and to give you regular updates

At the time of your registration:

Our wonderful team of developers and designers keep getting updated with the knowledge of new technologies and frameworks. We absolutely love to share those updates with you through great quality news-letters and blog posts. To make you aware of the same, we ask you to fill up a small registration form with a few of your details like your name, your e-mail id and your phone number. These details help us to keep you in touch with latest technological changes and the trends of the fast evolving tech world. When we collect this data from you, we always take care of its privacy. We ensure that no data leakage takes place from our side. Rest assured! Your data will be safe with us and we will use it only to share important and relevant stuff.

When you take time to visit our website:

We may collect some general data from you like demographic location, pages that you see on our website, keywords that you search for, devices that you use to access our website from, etc.

We collect this data for web tracking purposes. This data helps us to bring improvements to our website and to make it better with respect to its UI and interactivity as well as to make it SEO friendly. This data doesn’t reveal any personal information. It never tells us who you are. Don’t worry about it.

When you start to collaborate with us:

When you give us a chance to deliver promising services by working with us, we may ask you a few details. This information will be 100% secure and won’t be shared in any form. We will use it exclusively for your project development and research. We never share any private information. Ever. We take data security seriously. We have high tech servers with efficient security tools. Our trustworthy staff is committed to protect personally identifiable information that you choose to share with us.

Privacy Policy Update:

We hold the right to change the terms and conditions of our privacy policy from time to time. However, we will always share those changes with you.

We thank you for choosing to work with us. Hope you have a great experience.

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