When Apple introduced Swift in June 2014, the initial fanfare centered on the brand-new language’s emphasis on performance, approachability, and ease. Now, with Swift 2 out more than a year later, Apple has made good on that emphasis, pushing Swift closer to the kind of readability and maintainability development shops and IT organizations expect of a mature language. Many of the enhancements to Swift, through both the Swift 2.0 update and subsequent Swift 2.1 update, have made the language more explicit and intentional, and in turns, Swift 2 code will be safer and easier to maintain for years to come (especially now that Swift is open source). New language constructs (keywords) in Swift 2 improve the readability of control flow -- the order in which lines of code are executed. Thanks to these new keywords, collaborating on Swift code will be much more productive and efficient. deathmatch 5 battle fight contest arm wrestle challenge Review: WebEx and GoToMeeting meet their match Adobe Connect and Zoom lead six mostly stellar Web conferencing services for desktops and mobile devices READ NOW Apple has also enhanced Xcode 7 with new features and modernized its SDKs across OS X 10.11, iOS 9, and watchOS 2. The API overhaul even includes new features for Objective-C, including lightweight generics and OptionSetType, which makes Objective-C APIs Swift-like when invoked from Swift code. Easy-to-follow code is a vital concern for development teams, especially in business contexts, as “witty” or complex code reduces maintainability, introduces and hides serious bugs, and can lead to security leaks. Here are seven new features available with Swift 2 that will help you and your team collaborate more effectively on a more efficient, secure code base.

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