Welcome To Ke-Shyam Technolab

We Are An Astute Web And Mobile Based Application Development Company. The Ke-Shyam Concept Covers Web Designing, Web Development, Mobile Applications, Game Development And Graphic Design. We Have A Global Footprint With Centers in Ahmadabad, India And Nj, Usa With Our Expert Development Team.

Ke-Shyam Is An It Consulting And Development Services Provider, Of Next-Gen Gaming And Web Solutions, Collaborating With Customers Throughout The World. With Hands-On Experience In gaming Services And Products, On Multiple Mobile And Web Development Platforms, We Excel At Delivering The Best Innovative Mobile And Web Applications To Our Clients. Our Developers, With Commitment To Quality And A Thirst For Innovation, Have Unique Ideas For Each Application That We Design For Our Clients.

Ke-Shyam Technolab’s IT Business Services And Solutions Support Clients Who Form The Current World Economy, From Small-Medium Businesses, To The Largest And Most Successful Global Organizations. Moreover, Our Extensive Use Of Advanced Systems And Processes, Make Us A Leading Game And Web Development Company. With An Ever-Growing Client Base And Enviable Client Retention Statistics, We Believe In Delivering Bespoke Solutions For Individual Clients. Our Mission Is To Establish Good Business Relationships, Through The Core Principles Of Our Work Ethics Of Cooperation, Productivity, Dedication And Not Least, Reliability.


)) Our Extensive Games And applications development services:


 〉〉 Android app & game development:


Our Android developers are backed by years of experienced and provide innovative apps and 2D/3D gaming services that are deployed in android with complete platform independence. We will build a simple app that will deliver some amusing facts when you tap on a button. Ke-Shyam introduce the Java programming language, a tool for Android development called Android Studio, and some very basic concepts of the Android Software Development Kit, or SDK. By the end you will have a straight concept of how a basic app works, and you will be equipped with the knowledge to start building more.

Our android game development includes animations, graphics, and audio-visuals that make you forget gaming on computers or LEDs.

 〉〉 iPhone/iPad app & game development:


We attempt world-class iPhone app development that increases your revenues by engaging to the customers through their iPhones. iPhone apps development done by us uses the best tools that are present in the world today. By using a user interface design we neurotically constrain the customer to use their judgment in making a purchase. Custom iPhone app development is the next gen commerce tool used from global communities to reach new markets and customers, because iPhone app development is malleable and effective.

With the use of tools and technologies like Java, C#, Cocos2D, Cocos2D X, Unity 2D/3D, etc, our “techno-artists” have revolutionized the field of 2D and 3D gaming on iPhones and iPads. Our extensive animations and fantastic audio-visuals do justice to the brand, Apple. We take using iPad/iPhone for entertainment to a whole new level by providing excellent virtualization.

 〉〉 Windows app & game development:


Custom Windows Mobile Apps development for smart-phones and mobile handsets using the Windows Mobile platform for exclusive business needs of your company to increase your fertility and improve your competitive improvement.

Our dynamic windows games give the best 2D and 3D effects to the games that were never played better. With unique features like multi-player, HD graphics, and MIDI and hardware audio mixer, we excel at providing the best windows gaming experience to the users that love an exclusive display of graphics.

 〉〉 Blackberry app & game development:


We are Blackberry app development service providers. We have developed a broad range of Blackberry apps. We can use the best ways of Blackberry’s inbuilt features. The apps are developed in Java and take the full asset of the features supported by Blackberry. Our expert team of Blackberry developers have great experience working on Blackberry platform.

Our blackberry game development is done by comprehensively developing applications using cross-platform and lightweight plugins and third party tools like Cocos2d-x, gameplay, Box2D, Bullet Physics Library, Lua, gamepad, etc. With these tools, we deliver WYSIWYG 2D and 3D graphics.

 〉〉 Unity 3D game development:


We provide 2D and 3D game development across multiple platforms using Unity 3D development SDK that dictates flexibility, high level of adaption while porting to different platform, and cost-effective features. Our Unity 3D services include multi-platform support, desktop applications, and applications for consoles like PS4, PS5, XBOX, PlayStation, etc.

Five strengths that define our success:



Once we adopt client projects, we take full responsibility for deliverability, where we match our actions for committing to and delivering a complete, finished product.


Our success lies in always delivering the best according to industry standards and beyond.


With every project we take up, our knowledge hungry developers try to bring a unique tint of innovation.


Our extremely knowledgeable developers are experts in comprehending client needs and implementing them with the excellent choice of technology


Finally, we deliver our commitments by following a streamlined workflow process, involving our clients in every step.